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Celebrating the 16th anniversary with you

With an impeccable reputation built up over the years, we are proud of our many customers.

We prefer personal communication and are always democratic.

We give priority to dynamic development and are constantly expanding our offerings.

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An organized group of people who share a common vision. Our success story speaks for itself. With more than 10 services, we cater to different needs. Many of our clients become regular customers after the first acquaintance with us.

Online payment of utility bills: Simple, Safe, Convenient!

Online payment of utility bills: Simple, Safe, Convenient!

You no longer have to waste time waiting in lines or looking for cash registers to pay your utility bills. We offer a convenient and fast way to pay your water, gas and electricity bills.

Our advantages:

  1. Convenience: Pay your bills whenever you want, from anywhere, using our online service.
  2. Security: We guarantee the protection of your financial data and the confidentiality of your personal information.
  3. Save time: Forget about unnecessary queues and trips to toll booths. We provide the opportunity to pay your bills in a few clicks.
  4. Wide range of services: We offer payment for utility vouchers, allowing you to easily manage your payments.

How it works:

  1. Select the service you need: Select the type of utilities you want to pay for (water, gas, electricity).
  2. Fill out the order form: Fill in the required information about your account and the desired payment amount.
  3. Choose your payment method: Choose your preferred payment method from our wide range of options.
  4. Receive your voucher: Upon successful payment, you will receive a voucher confirming your payment.
  5. Receive a notification: We will send you a notification of the completed transaction to your email or mobile phone.

Don't put off your payments until later. Pay your utility bills quickly, safely and conveniently with our service!

Basic tariff

179.83 .د.إ / Month

Access to the main content of the site

Opportunity to participate in open forums and discussions

Standard Customer Support

Email support

Extended tariff


359.66 .د.إ / Month

Everything included in the previous tariff, plus:

Standard documentation and user manuals.

Opportunity to participate in closed groups and discussions

Access to exclusive webinars or online events

Priority support via email or messengers

Unlimited downloads or access to resources


Premium tariff

719.32 .د.إ / Month

Everything included in the previous tariffs, plus:

Dedicated account management.

Exclusive Benefits

Individual manager or consultant for your company.

Personalized recommendations and courses

Weekly personal consultations

Personal manager for support

Expanded access to exclusive features and new features of products or services.

Frequently Asked Questions

We are proud of several major achievements that have allowed us to strengthen our position in the market.

We provide an extensive network of customer support, including live chats, phone lines, and self-help resources. Our goal is to ensure customer satisfaction throughout the product life cycle.

We regularly hold internal innovation competitions, provide training and development opportunities, and support individual initiatives of our employees.

We plan to expand the geography of our activities, introduce new technologies into our products and continue to strengthen partnerships with customers.

Our company is proud of the results achieved, and is always ready to share its successes with others. Whether you are a regular or current customer, we would like to show you what we can do.

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